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Surname: Campion
First Name: Mr. Kieran
Membership No: C 1201
Address: 5 Watergate, Kilkenny, County Kilkenny
Telephone: 056 777 0343
Fax/Home: 056 972 6948
Mobile: 087 227 0474
IMB Reg No: IE/CA01/M/DT/0458
Prosthetics: YES
Cobalt Chromium: YES
Crown and Bridge: NO
Orthodontics: NO

Surname: Coleman
First Name: Greg
Membership No: C 1226
Address: Unit 15 & 16B, KCR Industrial Estate, Crumlin, Dublin 12
Telephone: 01 492 4907
Fax/Home: 01 492 4908
Mobile: 087 824 8433
Website: .
IMB Reg No: IE/CA01/M/DT/0476
Prosthetics: Yes
Cobalt Chromium: No
Crown and Bridge: No
Orthodontics: Yes

Surname: Curtis
First Name: Mr. John
Membership No: C 1207
Address: Ace Dental Studio, 13A Gladstown Street, Waterford, County Waterford
Telephone: 051 841 111
Mobile: 087 242 4995
IMB Reg No: IE/CA01/M/DT/0413
Prosthetics: YES
Cobalt Chromium: YES
Crown and Bridge: YES
Orthodontics: NO